DMLS Technology

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing process where the parts are produced from atomized powder.

On this technology, the machine deposits a layer of powder from 0,040 up to 0,080mm thick depending on the alloy and, then, a laser fuses the powder following to the shape of the desired part. This sequence repeats layer over layer until the final piece is completed.

In the process, auxiliary structures are needed to support the part main body and cantilever areas in order to avoid manufacturing problems.

Design guide

Minimum Wall thickness 1 mm
Min. detail 0,45 mm
Accuracy 0,1% (min +/- 0,2)
Maximum part size 250x250x300mm
Layer thickness 0,06 mm

Customize your parts

If custom text / identity marks are required on the parts, we recommend to emboss with a minimum height of 0.5mm and width of 2.7mm. Also, for readable mark, the font size must exceed 4 mm.

If the markings are to be engraved, the parameters must also be higher than the limits for a good result.

Embossed text
hmin 0,8 mm
e min 0,5 mm
Hmin 0,8 mm
Engraved text
Min depth 1,6 mm
emin 1,2 mm
Hmin 4,5 mm

Support optimization

In metal laser-sintering technology, auxiliary structures are required to support the workpiece and transfer the produced heat to the baseplate. As these features leave marks on the part surfaces, it is important to avoid them as far as possible to ease both the manufacturing process and the post processing. For this reason, the part should have angles over 45 degrees related to horizontal base plate, which allow self-sustainment of the faces of the parts.

Besides, in such details requiring tighter tolerances that the commonly obtained by the additive process, a subsequent machining is needed. All these post processing tasks will be performed by the 3dmizar team to complete all the requested specifications.

Anyway, the auxiliary supports are compulsory on the contact face of the part with the base plate. These will be removed by the 3dmizar team following customer finish requirements.


Example of support structures on DMLS

Real sample of supports