EBM Technology

EBM technology produces metal parts, layer by layer, by the incidence of an electron beam arisen from a 60.000V cathode that melts selectively the powder.

The electron beam is oriented by electromagnetic coils to melt simultaneously several areas at a very high speed and with extreme accuracy.

The definition of the part is performed in a high vacuum working chamber at 400-500ᵒC. This allows that the parts produced do not retain internal stresses and, the resulting properties are better than those arising from a casting process.

Besides, in such details requiring tighter tolerances that the commonly obtained by the additive process, a subsequent machining is needed. All these post processing tasks will be performed by the 3dmizar team to complete all the requested specifications.

Design guide

Minimum Wall thickness 2 mm
Smallest detail to perform 2 mm
Accuracy 0,3% (min +/- 0,25)
Maximum part size 210x210x210mm
Layer thickness 0,050 mm

Customize your parts

If custom text / identity marks are required on the parts, we recommend to emboss with a minimum height of 0.5mm and width of 2.7mm. Also, for readable mark, the font size must exceed 4 mm.

If the markings are to be engraved, the parameters must also be higher than the limits for a good result.

Embossed text
hmin 0,5 mm
e min 2,7 mm
Hmin 4 mm
Engraved text
Min depth 2 mm
emin 3 mm
Hmin 4,5 mm

Support optimization

As in the DMLS technology, auxiliary structures are required to dissipate the produced heat, although not for supporting the part in the powder. These supports will be removed by the 3dmizar team, who will finish the part in accordance with the customer specifications.

Supports example on EBM

Example of supports on EBM

As shown in the picture below, the finish directly obtained from AM is rough but, it might be polished to attain better roughness as low as Ra 0.2 (mirror like surface).

Roughness from the machine vs mirror like surface (after polishing).