FDM Technology

Fused deposition modelling (FDM) is one of the most popular additive manufacturing technology nowadays. It´s used for modelling, rapid-prototyping and functional parts. One of the advantages of this type of technology is the flexibility to change colours and materials swiftly. This type of technology supplies material wire to a nozzle which melts the material and deposit in the correct place layer by layer to obtain the final shape. The layer thickness is 0,254 mm.

Figure 1: FDM technologyIf the part has overhanging, the technology use an structure make of support material as it can be seen in the figure with white colour. Once the shape is finished the part is immersed in a mixture to dissolve the support material and get the final part.

FDM technology

Support angles

Design guide

Minimum wall thickness 2 mm
Minimum detail 1 mm
Accuracy 0,1% (min +/- 0,2)
Maximum part size 400x355x400mm*
Layer thickness 0,254 mm**

(*) Mizar Additive has the posibilitie to produce parts until 900*600*900mm, contact with us.
(**) Available layer thickness 0,12-0,33mm, contact with us.

Minimum Wall thickness

The minimum wall thickness is the distance between one surface and the opposite. In the case of this technology the minimum wall thickness is 2 mm. In some cases, this measure can be smaller in function of the orientation of the part.

Thickness example

Customize your parts

If you want to customize your parts with text, 3d Mizar suggest to extrude them outside the part with a minimum height of 0,5mm - 2,7mm width and a minimum text size of 4mm. These recommendations are to obtain more readable text.

If the text has to be engraved 3dmizar suggest to take into account the parameters of the table.

hmin 0,5 mm
e min 2,7 mm
Hmin 4 mm
Depth min 0,5 mm
emin 3 mm
Hmin 4,5 mm


Accuracy gives the approximation between the real measure and the theoretical one. In the case of FDM the accuracy is 0,1% with a maximum of +/-0,2mm. The part quality is proportional to the STL file quality, 3dmizar suggest to export from CAD to STL file with a minimum accuracy of 0.01mm as it can be seen in the figure.

Nx parameters to export STL file

The size is important…

The maximum part size that it can be bought by web is 400x355x400 mm. 3dmizar has the possibility to produce parts until 900x600x900mm. If you have this problem, please contact us.

FDM 3D printer


Carburetor prototype

Differential prototype

PPSF Functional part